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Free Subscription Partner

 Try run! eMotion free during 15 days. You will be able to:

  • Access to all free Data Models (from eMotion Data and other partners)
  • Load your data and create personalized race views
  • Run the races in your browser
  • Buying run! eMotion Player:
    • Download races and run them locally in your computer
    • Insert your own adds in the Scenario

And also:

  • Use the Maker application to create your own Data Models for your own private and exclusive use.
  • Create Data Sheets Models to explain their object in your own way.
  • Publish your Data Models so that others can use them. This way, your customers can use the Data Models created specifically for your applications, ERP's, Reports, etc, etc.
  • Assign a Price to and get profit from those Data Models you decide to Publish. You will receive an email each time a user subscribes to your Data Model, and at the end of the month eMotionData will pay you 70% of the total collected.
  • Appear as Partner on the Web, with the logo of your company.
  • Insert your own Advertisement on the Scenario
  • Release your Data Model for other users to copy and adapt it to their needs. The choice of releasing a Data Model is only possible when the sale price is zero.